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To understand who Right Fit Renovations is, you first need to look at the two individuals behind that
name, Jon and Mike.

An old boss of mine always said, “You can tell a lot about a person by the inside of their vehicle”. He was
right. Jon’s truck is always neat, organized, and prepared. Right down to the small cafeteria trays he
keeps under his seat. Preparation, communication, precision, and consistency are the keys to his success
and have been for over 25 years. Mike, a former Chef, shares the same passions. Food, much like
Renovations takes preparation, attention to detail and creativity. For the last 15 years Mike has used
those same values while renovating.

Hospitality and Renovations are seldom used in the same sentence, but we believe they should. At
Right Fit Renovations Ltd. we respect your home like it is our own. You deal with us! Since we do most of
the work ourselves, we are on site and in full control of your project. Our trades are professional and
held to the same standard we hold ourselves. Our detailed and accurate estimates clearly outline what
you can expect the entire project to cost, not just our labor and materials. We constantly communicate
to ensure the highest level of accuracy and success. We show up when we say we will. We do what we
say we will. We are not the fastest, we are not the cheapest, but we provide an experience and a final
product for a price that cannot be duplicated. At the end of your project everyone else will OOH and
AHH, but it’s the journey that you will remember. Let’s make it a positive one together.

Improve your Home, Improve your Life. Let us find the Right Fit for you.

Serving Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Toronto

Jon Darling | 905-320-0078

Mike Lindsay | 647-627-4663

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